Sunday, February 3, 2019

About my Workshops

I need to talk for a bit about my workshops.

      I conduct a variety of them: encaustic, soft pastel, oil and cold wax, mixed media 

     In all of them I am focussed on introducing processes and methods of working.  

    The variety of mediums all require slightly different approaches.  I am a materials girl and a visual storyteller who uses abstraction to make material magic.

    It is wonderful to come to a workshop to learn about a process.  It is doubly  wonderful to leave with a finished product.  Does that always happen.  No. 

    I believe that to bring artworks to completion requires time and a gestation period.  Workshops are periods of new learning and immersion. We often don't know how to bring works to completion for months,  sometimes years. 

      A great number of artists conduct workshops.  And other artists take workshops to get inspired or to learn another artists technique- to pick their brains, so to speak.  

     It is a dilemma.  I spend years working on a method of working.  Teaching it exposes it to the public and offers it for " sacrifice". I spent years developing my graphite work, did not share it or teach it- and then I did- what happened was I saw lots of pseudo mira's being produced.  It's hard-- Where does ego leave and generosity of spirit remain?

     We live in a tumultuous time in which everything is photographed, mimicked and copied.  We strive to make ourselves known.   I cannot compete with artists who have a formula for producing a "finished product."

       I do not know what else to say....