Sunday, September 1, 2019

Newsnotes on my Mixed Media Class

Mix Those Media

I have this great class beginning on Sept. 9 @ 1-4 pm at Lafayette Studio in Walnut Creek.  It seems appropriate to share with you why I love teaching this class!

1.   I am a materials & media gal- I love layering and structuring and organizing through multiple layers.  Every layer, in fact every time I approach my work, represents a slight shift of impressions and focus. Time and sequence play an important role in the development of a painting.
2.   I try to communicate these ideas through exercises and projects designed to both loosen students up and enrich their work process.
3.   I encourage students to take risks, to find out what their habits are and then work against them.
4.   Painting is a beautiful process that can be both meditative and energizing.
5.   One becomes sensitive to the way every shape and line becomes a reaction to the previous one.

6.   Watercolor, Acrylics, Oil media (pigments, cold wax), powdered pigments all find their way into this class.
7.   We do warm up exercises and individual projects. Regular demonstrations and group discussions are an important part of this class.
8.   The key word here is GROWTH! I hope you will join me!

September 9- November 18             Tuition: $325
Mondays 1-4 pm                               Pre-register:
Lafayette Studio1136K Saranap Ave.
Walnut Creek, CA 94595