Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Mexico with Jen & Shem!

This workshop was the very first I have ever taken as an art student since the time I began teaching. And it was wonderful!  Shem's process involves considerable work with a variety of papers, lots of layers  and applications- basically lots of addition and then excavation- in this regard very similar to the way I work with multiple materials.  

I wasn't sure if there would be any lasting impact  from this workshop, but, after arriving at mid nite Sat nite June 29, I found myself sanding with my orbital sander  on Sunday morning June 30, chuckling at the fact I had had 4 hours sleep and here I  was again at 8:30-- You will not see any products from this workshop on my site until I have a sense of how I will use them-- However, I have a new respect for newsprint and tissue paper.  In fact, right now is an encaustic in process that just got tissue paper added to it.... Here are snips and snaps from the workshop!
We responded to Jen's timely comment: " Say diarrhea!"
Shem discussing a demo on his process

The Studio
All cleaned up for our last dinner!

Friday nite dinner at Casa De La Note  Served by our gracious host and her wonderful staff!